Log home restoration

If your Log home is in need of maintenance or complete restorations we can handle the job. Our wood specialist can help you under stand how to keep your log home maintained. We offer many services that keep your investment protected and looking great. If you are looking for a professional to maintain your log home feel free to give us a call to set up a free survey of your property.


Our service include

Log home repair- Log homes can be the most beautiful structures on the planet when maintained properly. When there has been a lack in maintenance problems will occur.  The mill we work with can match almost any type of log or wood structure. We can repair and replace whole and half logs.


Log stripping- When you have a failed finish on your log home it needs to be completely removed in order to apply a new finish to the wood. We use two different methods for stripping logs.  One is with a chemical stripper and the other is a media blaster which would include a crushed glass or crushed corn cob to remove old finishes.


log staining and preserving- When it comes to finishing your log or wood structure we use the best finishes in the business of wood care. We can add a maintenance coat of a already exsisting product our if we are working with a freshly stripped or new log we can use choice product. This is is the step that extends the life of your structure, protects from the elements.


Chinking and caulking- When it comes to the chinking and caulking its vey important to do this correctly. This seals the structure from the elements. It helps from drafts and water penetration to prevent damage.






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